Kayemb "Uriel" Nawej

Yves Kayemb Uriël Nawej was born in Kolwezi on the 28th of June 1964 in the district of the Lualaba, in the Katanga province, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He is a citizen and subject of the Lunda Nation, also called the Ruund people (Ruund means = Fraternity, Botherhood, Friendship). The Lunda Nation constitutes the Lunda Empire ruled by an Emperor called the MWANT YAV, the actual emperor is Mwin Mangand Mwant Yav Mushid III Kat-a-Kamin-a-Mbumb. Within the imperial clans, the author is a Mwilas (traditonal chief), more precisely a Mwilas of the Amalas clan, his grandfather was the Great Mwilas Sumbul Pierre Nawej at the Royal Court in Musumba, and his father was the late and well known Diplomat, Plenipotentiary Minister and Ambassador Moïse Kayemb Nawej, his family nuclei within the Lunda Nation is located at the village of Ruchach Mayimb not far from Musumba (the capital of the Monarchs), his aunt Jacqueline Nawej was one of the spouses of former Emperor Mwant Yav Mushid II (David Tshombe). The territory of the Lunda Empire stretches from the Lualaba (South of Katanga province in the DRC), the Kazembe (North of Zambia), the South of the Kasai province in the DRC (Tshikapa), the Kasongo Lunda heights in the province of Bandundu in the DRC (Kasongo Lunda, Kahemba), until three provinces of the actual Angola (Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul and Moxico).

His mother, Miss Blomme Ida Raymonde, was the private secretary of Moïse Tshombe in Madrid, during the political exile of Moïse Tshombe in Spain. Moïse Tshombe was the President of the Independent State of Katanga from the 11th of july 1960 until the 13th of january 1963, and later on in 1964 he became Prime Minister of the DRCongo.

University Degree: Bachelor in Economics
Religion : Bishop-Guide of the International Raelian Movement, Responsible for the teachings on the african continent, Responsible for the contacts and Relations with the Emperors, Kings and Traditional Chiefs, and Political Adviser for Africa of the Maitreya RAEL.

Exceptionally the Author has been enthroned as a Traditional Chief within the following two Etnic Nations :

The Dan-Yacouba Nation in the west of Ivory Coast, with Man as capital, where he received the adoptive name of 'Lagbono' (Lagbono was among the Dan-Yacouba an historic figure and hero who combatted fiercely the invading white colonizers)

Kayemb "Uriel" Nawej and Kamites (Africans) Kings

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In Burkina Faso, with Traditional Chefs from Benin and Ivory Coast
With His Majesty King Todo K. Kinmakin in Benin
With His Majesty Nanan Amon N'douffou V, Current King of the Sanwi Kingdom
With His Majesty El-Hajj Naaba Kiiba, King of Yatenga, Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
With His Majesty King Dima de Boussouma (Naaba Sonré), in Burkina
After enthronement of the author as Traditional Chef Dan-Yacouba in Côte d'Ivoire
With the King of the Bobos in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
The author in Musumba, the capital of the Lundas monarchs, visits the late Ruwej a Nkond, the one who represents Ruwej (Queen Ruwej) before the Court and who presides over the Court of the Imperial Order of Women.